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Sammy, Vix & Kyan from NUSKLEY!!!

Sammy, Vix & Kyan from NUSKLEY!!!

January 2019! New year, new website and blog!

Recently, in a trip to visit my family in Brazil, I made a huge selection of old artwork, old planners and diaries. 

It reminded me how much I loved writing, having a blog and sharing tips of my process and fun tidbits. 

Although, each passing year I’ve been crazier and crazier, paranoid about what I share online, I’ll do my best to keep things really professional but FUN.

I started thinking about this new path for a website/blog, when TUMBLR officially died. It’s not that I shared much there, it dying just gave me the final push to have my own little island online. I’m aware that this is not the best way to get my ideas spread out, but at least I’m doing it in my terms. 

What to expect: art ramblings, blablabla about my projects, book recommendations. 

Thanks for tuning in!

And for Vix, that fearless 12-year-old living inside me forever, a wink wink. I owe it to my pre-teen self ;)